Simple Meditation™

Sarala Path

SARALA is an Ancient Secret tradition of attaining Yog (union) and achieving a balanced way of life. It is being rediscovered and promoted here. This Ancient order is being Reintroduced bypassing many long traditions, going directly into wisdom aspects to help walk the path to enlightenment and liberation of Chitta (consciousness). To attain Chitta-Mukti through walking the path of SARALA.

The ancient traditions have been Preserved through closed door throughout many centuries, only taught through direct transmission in closed circles to highly sincere and dedicated pupils.

SARALA tradition has been cloaked through rituals and disguised sessions, hiding great metaphoric, literal, and spiritual secrets. Secrets which were hidden to protect from enemies or falling into the wrong hands of unscrupulous individuals or communities and to maintain the authenticity of the ‘wisdom’ and the knowledge.

These Secrets are being shared gradually through circles of Simple Meditation being organised such as this, where Energy is being generated, whose benefits, meaningfulness, and synchronicities you will observe in your life continuously as you observe deeply. SARALA (Dhyana) Meditation sessions secretly unlock ‘pathways’ helping you walk gracefully to liberation of your Chitta (Mukti).

The Deep discussions in These sessions open up your unconscious mind, revealing secrets which were always present but blocked just as how the password to the Wi-Fi network opens up the INTERNET. These sessions and studies provide passwords to inner dimensions, unlocking the ever-present ‘Way’ to access Within, Beyond.

“The greatest secrets to unlock the unconscious and access the dimensions beyond life and death are hidden in plain sight, but you need the password just as you need the password to access your Wi-Fi network. SARALA may provide you with That Password if you are sincere, diligent, deserving, dedicated and humble enough to learn.”