Simple Meditation™

What you should know about us

Authentic technique

The Simple Meditation technique can only be taught by well trained teachers in a course carefully designed. This Ancient order is being Reintroduced bypassing many long traditions, going directly into wisdom aspects to help walk the path to enlightenment and liberation of Chitta (consciousness). To attain Chitta-Mukti through walking the path of SARALA.

Personalized one-on-one instruction

We provide personal one-on-one instruction—as well as group sessions to provide further instruction and to ensure your practice is easy and enjoyable, and you’re gaining maximum benefit.

Free lifetime support

All of these are available at no extra cost if and when you want them:

  • Personal one-on-one “tune-ups” of your practice
  • Access to teachers to answer your questions


The Simple Meditation technique is taught by a charitable foundation.
Helping those in need ►

No owners or shareholders

As a non-profit, 100% of the Simple Meditation course fee supports our educational and charitable initiatives. There are no profit distributions of any kind.

Many centres around the world

The Simple Meditation course fee and other activities of the charitable foundation help cover the operating costs of our centres worldwide.


Employees receive salaries well below the median salaries for their positions.

Independent audit

The organization’s finances are audited annually by an independent firm.

Sarala Community

You’ll be invited to advanced lectures, special events, group meditations, celebrations, online resources, and more.

Helping those in need