Simple Meditation™

Simple Way of Meditation

Meditation, or connecting with inner dimensions of higher-intelligence within you, should be a daily activity —just like eating, sleeping, and brushing your teeth. As you deal daily with stress, negative thoughts, and attachments, ego, meditating on a daily basis is the only way to keep your life operating harmoniously.

Thoughts are spinning in your head non-stop, and anxiety doesn’t go on vacation.  

Only meditation could potentially reverse negative thought patterns, emotions, and get in touch with deeper states of consciousness.

The Simple Meditation is a component of the Simple Way to Life. This guide helps to understand and practice the meditation process and adopt the efficient techniques. Simple Meditation is a modernized easier way to achieve the aims and essence of the founders of meditative disciplines. It is far much deeper than closing eyes and saying Om, and much easier. It teaches how to live life as a process of meditative journey while experiencing and enjoying deeper levels of consciousness.

Simple Meditation introduces ways combining strategies, tools, philosophies, and techniques in the light of science to achieve the meditative process in one’s life which can positively impact and augment one’s life dramatically and immensely. It is not a pill, but a process.

Simple Meditation can be learnt and benefited from by anyone. As you go deep to experience introspection, contemplation, self-empowerment, you may evolve for yourself the perfect way based on the unique conditions of your life. It is like traveling to a destination, the transportation mode you take should depend on where you are traveling from. If you’re on water, you take the ship, if on land then maybe take the car or the bus; so, on and so forth.

The Simple Way Meditation process is done in three phases:-

  • 1) Learning to empty your cup and experiencing pure consciousness, beyond the physical body
  • 2) Learning to balance your life’s unique circumstances and responsibilities which you have been naturally handed down in order to create a deeper way forward
  • 3) Learning about meditative living, experiencing intuition, becoming ever-connected with all others, and living simple way;

During the three phases one finds oneself gaining a deeper perspective into life, without which life may remain incomplete and unfulfilled. As has been said before, there are many ways one can take to reach a destination, and Simple Way is a way to reach it.

Without sincerity, no way no master no path will find you. As one seeks the way, the way also seeks and find them. Trust the process! The Simple Way may not be like any other way; it might be the way you’ve been waiting for, and indeed it surely is (since you’ve found it). Give it a shot!